Day 11: Grit's Fashion Loves & Loathes

Instant Grit

Charleston's Grit's 12 Days of Fashion: Loves & Loathes

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Submitted by: E. Louise

Age: 38

Occupation: Writer

Lives: Downtown, Harleston Village


LOVE: Restraint and Wisdom in Fashion and Huffington Post and


Bluefly, Anthropologie, and Wedding Window

"Go ahead, say I sound like your mother. But can't high style and real beauty be as simple as... simple? As in, choosing one or two things to show people today: a great neckline, full lips, a petite waist, nice gams, or a striking silhouette. It takes confidence to cover up, to recognize your aesthetic strengths and draw others' to them—and wisdom to leave the rest to the imagination." 


LOATHE: The Oh-So-Unoriginal Skin Show 


RSVP Magazine and Fashion Infatuation


My World My Perception


Pop Sugar and She Knows and

"Unfortunately, as is so often the case, less IS more… more cellulite, back fat, regrets. And yes (gasp!), Beyonce, too. If you Google this red gartered get-up of hers, most of what you'll find are the airbrushed versions of her in it—it shows the difference between the look she was going for and what she showed us. That happens in the real world, too. Why not do an honest once-over, choose your strong points, and wow the world accordingly? Got a lot of great assets? Fantastic: We’re not going to notice them unless you resist the urge to lay them all out like a self-indulgent $6.99 buffet. College of Charleston gals, I’m talking at you. On King Street, you’re sporting lots of denim cut-offs, which are cute… when they’re not two sizes too small. Believe me, you’re getting zero visual return on these if they don't flatter or fit. Think of it this way: remember Molly’s "Loathe" from yesterday? The cut-out suits? Those girls were 90 pounds. What if any old, everyday 125-pound chick was wearing that? That cute suit would turn offensive quick. Same thing with cut-offs. Things can get bumpy in a hot minute.


And I had to end with Mariah, because she’s the worst offender. Note that I didn’t include a photo of her in a skin tight, bust-aceous, side-slit gown because, well, haven’t we seen enough of those? Mariah is an example of a gal who has lots of assets (full cheeks, beautiful skin, big boobs, strong legs, curvy body), but who flat-out refuses to trot them out one or two at a time." 




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