Day 10: Grit's Fashion Loves & Loathes

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Charleston's Grit's 12 Days of Fashion: Loves & Loathes

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Submitted by: Molly

Age: 24

Occupation: Writer/editorial assistant/occassional child- and/or dog-sitter

Lives: Downtown, Radcliffeborough


LOVE: The Top Knot


Makeup GeekCoco + Kelly, & My Fashion Cents


I love, love, love the top knot. Any red carpet-worthy 'do that also does well on the beach is keeper. It's the best friend a frizzy head of hair could ever have and perfect for Charleston's steamy springs and summers. (I also love that YouTube has millions of top bun tutorials—informative and rather hilarious to watch.) 


LOATHE: Cut-Out Bathing Suits


Heavy Heels (lead photo middle image: StyleList)


I don't necessarily "loathe" this trend—in fact, these ladies look pretty dang chic (especially the one of the far left). But in terms of the style being able to hop from the runway to the real world—say, on the shore of Sullivan's? Eehhhh. More than anything, they just confuse me. Take the middle suit above: Who wants that tan line? Or the one to the left. Or the one to the right. There are SO many cute two pieces and SO many cute one pieces out there... No need for these strange hybrids. No need. 



Ready to sound off on your loves and loathes for Grit's 12 Days? Let's do it.

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1. Send an email to Grit editor Ellen McGauley at Put 12 Days in the subject line.
2. List one look you love and one you hate. Each should be accompanied by a) a quote about why b) a picture or two illustrating the look.
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We'll run as many as we can! The more colorful the commentary, the better. So go ahead, give us your Fashion Grit.