daily | fall mornings

Amy Smith




I'm a huge fan of rainy days.




Now not the #aquageddon type of rain we've had in charleston lately—but the sprinkle that adds a nice haze over everything.
The stillness of a quiet house and the smell of fresh coffee or hot tea.
Tobi brushing up against my legs, begging for some love—or probably just food.
Time for some journaling and scripture reading, a few small significant moments with Jesus.


Cracking the windows for the feel of a crisp breeze.
Burning all the fall scented candles.
The softness that seems to beautifully blur the edges of every line.
Fall is so beautiful.
It's refreshing, a time for change, a time to be still, a time to reflect.

What do your fall mornings look like?
Are there some moments that seem better than others?
And truthfully, are you making time to unwind and enjoy the season?




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