A cup of Vice Wheel coffee founded by Isaac Waters, student of CofC. Photo by Reese Moore (published by The College Today)

An ode to my bicycle

Summers in the '60s weren't spent in your room, layed out with a tablet and a smartphone. There's hardly a child my age that doesn't remember the saying "you aint' stayin in this house all summer, so go on and get outside." Instructions were few: "don't slam the screen door," and "take your flip-flops off at the door."

A quick look at one of my musical hero's definition of happiness.

Kids making noises with their armpits, boiled peanut shells tossed out of windows, and cries of "He's touching me!", "How much further?", and "I have to pee!" Let's hear it for family road trips

Here's why you should get an early start to summer—lightly battered shrimp fresh off the boat and a warm-weather fave, my Tomatoes Stuffed with Orange Basil Shrimp Salad

This collection of bikes by Electra are not your grandmother's beach cruisers. But she would have hopped on... They're like art, and I want to hang them on my walls. Take a look...