Taking a slow plunge into filmmaking hip-hop/rap artist Khari Lucas (who performs under the moniker Contour) will artistically challenge your whole idea of what is and what is not—Saturday, February 11th at Redux Contemporary Art Center.

Activists Andrea Boyd, Alison Sher, and Sarah Swingle weigh in on what it means to be a compassionate activist, how to make an impact, and how to get started.

We're coming to the end of this "charming" road with last night's episode seven. Hunter Gardner and Jeremy McLellan tell us what they learned, and what you should already know.

Charleston guy Chris Cox packs up his lawnmower and heads to DC amidst the bleak government shutdown. Why? Why else? To cut the grass and watch over the Lincoln Memorial. Here's his take...

Thought about the theory of cognitive dissonance lately? Or how about UFO cults? If not—here's your refresher. It just may be the problem behind today's accuse-and-ignore style of politics...

Here's why the Miley Cyrus episode clogging the Internet this week bugs me, but it's not what you think... (hint: it's kind of worse)

Heard of this? It's a debate over yogis snapping pics of themselves in various poses, and whether it flies in the face of yoga's emphasis on gazing inward. Does it? Here's what I think...

I'm a major people watcher—and there was some serious watching to be done last night

It used to be that sitcoms like Three's Company were our go-to for hackneyed entertainment, and 6 p.m. newscasts jerked our brains back into high gear. But have the tables turned?

Well, maybe I didn't WIN. But here's some clips from my shot on game show Let's Ask America and a Q & A with host Kevin Pereira and one of the other Charleston contestants. Pants optional.

Hiding from conflict at work, home, or anywhere isn't the answer, nor is expecting perpetual peace. Believe it or not, you can be good at dealing with the difficult. Here's five tips

Why is it that sometimes, we respond to a challenge by stepping on the gas, and other times, napping right through the race? (Hint: What are you afraid of?)

Here's my advice for surviving the cuts. Hint: know the difference between being your own career architect and being the sculptor of your chosen path

Looking for a little mid-week workday inspiration? Read a former Fortune 100 VP's stirring speech from the recent Charleston Regional Business Journal 
Influential Women in Business Luncheon

Stylish gals are rocking this trend, but in the back of my head, I can't help but think of Teen Beat, circa 1990s. Take a look at the denim dynamite I've collected and let me know what you think

One would hope so, but the truth is, your real decision makers may be flying far under the radar... Here's a quick look at who may be at the helm

Oscar buzz (mainly in the Donovan household) is already surrounding this new flick starring a young boy and his fascination with nature