Cirque Du Soleil: OVO!

Cirque Du Soleil's Ovo Show is now on tour!

Last week, Cirque Du Soleil performed their newest show, OVO at The North Charleston Coliesum.

The OVO themed show, meaning "egg" in Portugese showecased the movement of insects.


 As I took my seat, I couldn't help but get butterflies from excitement! The stage had a massive egg in the middle of the set with fog around it. I felt like I was on the set for a new Jurassic Park movie.


As we sat and got comfortable, Cirque Du Soleil's beekeepers appeared with costumes that looked ridicously real. While entertaining the audience, an insect appeared with a butterfly following.


It was amazing to learn that the language the bugs spoke is invented by the team but that the music is all in Spanish or Italian. I actually want the Cirque Du Soleil soundtrack, it brought out my latin roots!



(All Images from Leapfrog PR and Cirque Du Soleil)

The show started with the cool damp fog surrounding the audience and one by one, insects appearing.


The ants appeared in the first act with their kiwi fruit in hand. Artfully moving in motions I can't even put into words, the ants all gathered in a line and put their kiwis on their feet while laying down.


The juggling ants then showed off their incredible movement and coordination with the tossing of the kiwi fruit and corn from hands to feet to one another and across the line. Way to open a show!



  Juggling from hand to feet to one another and tossing it in the air, these ants know how to move!



The second act continued and easily flowed from one act to another seamlessly.


Act two consisted of the amazing handbalancing dragonfly.



Standing on one hand most of the time, the dragonfly moved in such ease with his vine he also twisted himself around.


He had to postion and distribute his weight while balancing with legs moving together and apart often while changing hands. It was remarkable that the human body can do that!



Act three was the beatuifully chorgraphed caccoon wtih this dyed fabric symbolizing the caccoon while the soon to be butterfly fluttered out of her cacoon.


P.S. I also loved Cirque Du Soleil's colors with the production and stage as well with their costumes. I want that cacoon fabrics and colors in a maxi dress for myself, personally! Nontheless, It all flowed beautifully!



The butterflies launched out of their cacoons and were soon spiraling and performing acrobatic movements that looked like compelete art. It really was amazing to see how smoothly these "insects" just fly across the stage and in the air so easily.



Act four was the Mosquito swinging from a hoop in the middle of the stage. Eye catching? Yes.


The Cirque Du Soleil shows are really wonderful for everybody in the family. Kids, grandparents, parents, friends, etc. I was with a friend and we both couldn't stop talking about it in the intermission.


In between certain acts, the stage would take on a child like showcase with a little love twist between two insects and the ladybug. You could hear the children laughing the audience and honestly, it was hilarious. There wasn't a moment I was bored.



It was cute to see the insects gather to discuss, watch and gossip while moving their toes and legs just like their particular insect would do. The colors on stage were in shades of green, red, blue and yellows.



There was the next act that flowed seamlessly as everything else, which featured this catepillar slinky creature. It was just a jumbo slinky with fur in certain places that took center stage.




Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever seen? Kids and adults alike couldn't take their eyes off it.


The acts followed and flowed into insects like the scarabs and spiders, a firefly and my personal favorite, the crickets.


Take a peek at their physical strength, coordination, teamwork and overall talent below:


 Spider taking center stage suspending himself on a web-like rope with nothing holding or supporting him besides himself.


Then he grabs his unicycle to you know, make things harder because, why not? Seriously, gasps were heard during this act.



The scarabs were high above the stage swinging from side to side to middle and tossing over and under. This was one of my top favorite acts because of the distance factor.




The crickets were my top favorite act personally because I love trampolines and now want to be trained to do these bounds, leaps and jumps (just kidding, there is no way I ever could!)



There was nothing helping the crickets jump from tramploine to the wall and back. It was all pure force, talent and strength.




The firefly was adorable and seemed so simple and cute and then he launched his giant yo-yo like objects he had into the air and caught them while juggling. Thats when I realized uhm, Cirque Du Soleil keeps it 100% entertaining always!





The costumes, production, music, vocals, voices, movements and ideas were insanly creative and my art school college self should've gone to a Cirque show a long time ago. Loved it!


The stage productions finished and all insects came to gather like a scene from A Bug's Life. It was intoxicating to see everyone's teamwork and feel their enthusiasm, seriously!


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