#CHSGRIT 2015 Rubber Duckie Awards

Hunter Gardner



Here’s some toilet trivia for ya: You’re going to spend three years of your life on the ivory throne. There’s not much to the average bathroom. A functioning toilet. Maybe a candle. A variety of hand-drying options. But the best bathrooms have personality. Here at Grit, we’re happy to honor the bathrooms that go the extra mile with the Inaugural Rubber Duckie Awards. Let’s meet this year’s winners of the water closet.


Really Exploring the Space:

Runner Up: Verde

A garden fresh idea: chalking up the daily special on the bathroom wall. All-natural graffiti, ya'll. 



Winner: Motobar

This King Street newbie may be making a statement with its veggie/vegan menu and constant streaming of Tarantino and Coen brothers films on mute, but where it really shines is in its bare-all bathroom stocked with photos of old Playboy pinups.



Chic & Squeaky Clean:

Runner Up: Local Works

Where the brilliant minds of 1600 Meeting’s shared space do their best business. Simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. The coffee machine is appropriately right outside.


(Above, provided by Lowcountry Local First)



Winner: Redux

Is it any surprise that an art space would have simple-yet-modern, flat-out-stylish flusher? Tastefully placed art, a casual mirror propped in the corner, a single pump of Dial, and you have yourself a pretty darn cool pooper. We’re not sure where those pipes go to or what their purpose is. Maybe this is an art installation! 



Best Chi:

Runner Up: Kudu

What happened to all the little inspirational handwritten notes? Still, Kudu recently doubled up on their bathrooms and made them unisex, which is appreciated, and the vibes are still pretty groovy.



Winner: Brown’s Court Bakery

I mean, there’s a freaking prayer statue. Plus re-imagined cartoon art, which is just the right amount of bathroom reading for me, thank you very much. Fancy soap, don’t think I didn’t notice. Big fan.



Best Graffiti: 

Runner Up: The Tattooed Moose

Years of wear and tear and sheer manpower make The Tattooed Moose a solid No. 2 for this awesome accolade. Layers of scribbles, tags, and a very insulting message for one "Chris Weatheford" (my Facebook yielded no results).



Winner: Cutty's

Cutty’s may have just turned three, but this toddler’s toilet is really kicking ass in the dive-bar game. Vibrant colors and often downright witty, Cutty’s Trash Monstrs plaster this unapologetic, unisex broom-closet-sized loo.



Best Overall:

Runner Up: Royal American

Maybe Charleston's most underrated venue to see live music also has one of the best overall bathrooms. The exposed fan is just cool (ugh, forgive me) and the swanning sink facet is a nice touch. Be warned: “Graffiti will be graded with white paint,” and I think we can all agree with the love note to Comcast. 



Winner: Queen Street Grocery

Hidden in plain sight behind a bulky, green wooden door, this bathroom takes this year’s Rubber Duckie for Best Overall Bathroom. The industrial-sized sink is proportionately outfitted with an industrial-sized bottle of hand sanitizer—which has probably been there since QSG first opened its doors in 1922. A small set of steps leads you up to the lavatory, decorated with feel-good photos. Well done, QSG, well done.



Thanks, Charleston, and don’t forget to flush!


Did we miss one? Did we get this all wrong? Let us know in the comment section below!