Charleston Drunk History Airs Tonight

Catch a sneak peek of the Holy City iteration of this hilarious Comedy Central series before hitting tonight's premiere party at The Royal American.
Come to Charleston, your drinks are on me.
Drunk History buys Charleston a round in tonight's episode on Comedy Central.
It's been six months since Derek Waters crashed The Royal American and got Charleston drunk to see why we love our gorgeous town. Luck struck me when I was asked to interview and help out with location scouting for this very special episode.
As Derek told me, "I've never seen a more beautiful sunset anywhere but here in Charleston."
Tonight episode airs the following:
"Three sheets to the wind with tonight's all-star cast starring Patton Oswalt, Johnny Knoxville, Busy Phillips, & Michael Jai White as they reenact three famous low country stories."

Charles Sumner (Patton Oswalt) gets caned on the Senate floor by Preston Brooks (Johnny Knoxville), Judge J. Waties Waring and Elizabeth Hoffman (Busy Philipps) help to end segregation, and a slave named Robert Smalls (Michael Jai White) commandeers a Confederate warship.



Catch the episode tonight on Comedy Central at 10pm and be sure to stop by at The Royal American premiere party


Photo and video courtesy of Comedy Central