Carolina Yard Gardening School

Joan McDonald

Hello Front Yard to Table Friends,


 Once again it is that time of year again when we as low-country gardeners have the wonderful opportunity to brush up on our skills from the regions top experts at The Carolina Yard Gardening School! Clemson Extension has an exciting line up of talent this year check it out.


When: Saturday, March 22nd   8:30a.m.-4:30p.m.


Where: Charleston Exchange Park 


Registration fills up quickly, so here is a link

Have gardening questions?? 

Bring your questions for the Clemson gardening show “Making It Grow” where the fabulous host Amanda McNulty joined with extension agents Amy Dabbs, Millie Davenport, Guinn Garrett and Zach Snipes for fun and educational Q and A. 

Have you ever wondered how to save and grow heirloom vegetable seeds ?


Wonder no more! Check out “Rooted in History” 

Millie Davenport presentation on what is an heirloom? Which varieties grow best in South Carolina and how to save your seed. 


Do want to learn more about how to manage pests in the garden?


You don’t want to miss Zach Snipes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) presentation. Participants will learn the benefits of natural enemies such as predators and parasatoids and how to encourage an abundance in the garden. Simple and effective disease management tips for a healthy garden year round.


Feelin Crafty??


Two great hands on workshops are available!


Learn how to make an adorable birdhouse with a green roof of succulents or preserve your garden’s flowers by learning how to press flowers.

As always the Carolina Yard Gardening School is a perfect mix of education and Fun!