Jeanne Everett

We boarded the 70,367 ton ship to be greeted with lanyards, gift bags and tons of events planned for the day!


Carnival Cruise Line transports 150,000 guests per year from the Port of Charleston with the 2,052-passenger Carnival Ecstasy offering four- to 12-day cruises to the Bahamas, Caribbean and Bermuda.


Today, they hosted a beautiful event for The Connie Maxwell Children's Home. Carnival Cruises proceeded to donate $20,000 to The Connie Maxwell Children's Home to help support the mission in helping support the children and the community.


We boarded the new remolded Carnival Ecstasy ship. Which was a multi-million dollar project.


In attendence, there were roughly 40 kids on board from the home. All ages ranging from 11-17 and all super excited to be on a glamorous ship!



The kids toured the cruise ship, got to eat anything they wanted from the food court which consisted of stations ranging from Italian, Deli, Dessert Bar, Pizza and etc.


(Bites from the Sweet Shop Bar featuring caramel cheesecake, jell-o, decadant chocolate cake and a strawberry cake pop.)


Aftewards, we all gathered on the top deck for a 300 foot long waterslide and water park. It was so sweet to see the kids happily running out of their coverups into the water.




Later on, we moved from the waterpark to the magic show and sundae bar!



Over all, It was a fabulous day for kids of all ages (including the 20+ crowd).


Thanks Carnival for having us!



Read below for Carnival Cruise facts learned on the ship today:


*Carnival Cruise line is the largest cruise line in the world.

*Headquartered in Miami, Florida.

*Number of annual passengers on the cruise line is about 5 million.

*Over 36,500 employees on board on Carnival Cruises.

*Carnival Ecstasy ship is from Panama (hence the flag in the photo below).

*The Carnival Ecstasy ship can usually fit over 2,000 visitors.

*The Carnival Ecstasy ship also has 12 lounges / bars.

*There are 14 elevators on the Carnival Ecstasy ship.



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