bucket list

I pulled my shoes off and waddled to the shower, my feet were webbed. As I washed the Charleston off of me I thought, Charleston, it's all good, even when it's not.     

In the grand scheme of things, the Grand Bohemian was Grand!

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile comes to town, Nate Anderson meets some hot-doggers, writes some emails, and nearly loses his mind as he gets the opportunity to step inside the belly of the beast.

After rocking out with Drivin N' Cryin, Sadler Vaden is now part of Jason Isbell's band, The 400 Unit. Blogger Devin Grant gets a one-on-one with Sadler before tonight's show at the CHS Music Hall.

What's worse than having to run a full marathon for your bucket list? Paying $100 to run a full marathon and not finishing. This list is officially one item shorter.

Best lines from this blog: "Why do you think so much weird stuff happens to me?" (My husband) replied, "Because you live." Here's more of the wise words we loved from Renae's Mortality Moment blog...

Aka when you're hit with the fact that we ain't here forever. I'm not one for the tin bucket list—I see it as mortality frugality—but That Moment does bring to mind some stark realities...

Cross it off the post-grad bucket list. Last Thursday, I took a day trip to New York to try out to be a U.S. Open ball boy.. correction: ball girl

Every designer has a bucket list. The top to-do on mine is to flank an entire wall in the ever-so-avant-garde Bisazza tile...

Ate lots of paint chips as a kid? This is the blog post for you.