Before they take an extended break, local band Slow Runner's playing one last show (for a while at least) at the Chas Music Hall Friday. Here's the scoop on the show, plus the reason for the hiatus

This is one blog I am very glad to be writing this in past tense... Trust me, I can't make this she/it up

Bursting with summer flavors, this SUPER easy dish is only 47 calories... A celebratory dessert that's a celebration in itself? Yes, please... Get the recipe here!

For her 1st Grit post, "I Breathe... I'm Hungry"'s Mellissa Sevigny brings us a super easy recipe, photo shoot secrets, and an HILARIOUS exchange with her 5-year-old son

To round out our salty countdown series, Grit's added "Best Summer Town in America" to Charleston's list of accolades. No kidding, see for yourself... Plus SMART shark avoidance tips you need

It's mid January now... If you're not knocking your goals out of the park, hey, I hear you—but don't quit yet. Here are five simple strategies (rooted in yoga) that will help you stay on track

If your New Year's resolution includes a fresher, brighter, more beautiful you—why not start with square one? (Your skin.) Here are three mind, body, spirit tips to shine in 2013

This was a plum blog for so many reasons (i.e. oh, how we love good anecdotal hilarity at Grit) but the one thing that hooked us? We'll tell you here...

Feeling like a "legit yogi," Claire tries Bikram yoga without following a single recommendation on how to prepare for the toasty experience. Here's now NOT to do it...

Meet a local style star who loves Mozart, winter fashion, Red Wing boots, and is up for a documentary about anything—even water irrigation in Southeat Asia

How I fell in love with live music. (Hint: It's all Joan's fault)

A "go to heck" fishing hat, crab pot, and Pitt Bridge doesn't sound like the makings for a promising love story does it? Like I say, sometimes, all you have to do around here is show up