Robin Gibson

"Water in the boat is the ruin of the boat, but water underneath is its support." -Rumi


Philosopher Rumi clearly knew a thing or two about boats but the folks behind the North American Safe Boating Campaign know even more. National Boating Safety Week may have come and gone already but these seven boating safety tips are timeless.
Follow them and you will be well on your way to promoting a safe boating experience on the water. 
The boating industry is a billion dollar industry and on any given Charleston weekend, you can see boats left and right on the waterways. It's a Lowcountry way of life and part of the culture.   




Tip #1:


Tip #2:


Tip #3:

Tip #4:

Tip #5:

Tip #6:

Tip #7:


Life Out Loud and Charleston Grit supports the efforts of the North American Safe Boating Campaign and recommends adherence to the National Safe Boating Week protocol every day of the year. Boating isn't just a pastime in the South Carolina Lowcountry, it's a way of life. Do your part for yourself and others to maintain a safe boating environment for everyone.