Kathleen Madigan heads to Charleston on Oct. 18 for a stand-up show at the Charleston Music Hall.

Lee Ann Womack live!

Celebrating life and Jesus Christ outside Sundays

If your Christian or political views point to hate, they are neither Christian or American.

Lorena Jordan gives us an irreverant, stream-of-consciousness recap of Southern Charm's third Season Premier.

What do football, the Quran, and an atheist wedding officiant have in common? This Deep South wedding in Memphis, Tennessee.

David Seay, designer of Versus Apparel, hosted a private fashion show in his home showcasing looks from his latest collection.

If white people want to make a substantial contribution to society and the fight against racism, they need to develop an awareness of the real ways it impacts non-whites

After betting that the inappropriate humor in The Book of Mormon would cause massive walkouts, Devin Grant was proved pleasantly wrong as the PAC stayed packed for the award-winning musical.

Anchovies, Texas Pete, oscillating fans—over the past quarter-century my husband's succeeded in making me accept many things he likes. His latest mission? Scary vampire movies. Here's what happened...

My shameless history with this addiction, including late-night bunk bed barters and promises signed by the light of the moon. Oh, and how they cured a mean case of writer's block....

A nation overtaken by radicals? I believe the majority of people don't fall into these categories, but are simply classified as such because of political affiliation. Here's a quick (fake!) experiment

They may have rhythm, good looks, and a magnetic personality, but I bet they don't have a refrigerator that looks like an amp. Here's this and more great gift ideas (from an award-winning blogger...)

All a writer needs is a pen and pad... A dog pen and four padded hoofs, that is. Lowcountry authors go fetch some puppy love at tonight's book release (bow-WOW) to benefit Charleston Animal Society

Is this prime running weather or what? Which begs the question: are you a casual, fairweather runner or do you lace up those shoes as part of a something bigger—a way of life? Find out here

With the kids headed back to school, you can spend a little of that extra me-time in the kitchen—I suggest bringing these two books with you, if nothing else

When posting a blog on Grit, I'm prompted to choose a category that best suits the post. My frequent label, "Mixed Messages," has helped me define myself as an artist

Brand new Gritter Tim Brennan started off with a bang with his entertaining—and thought-provoking—observations on our local music scene. Charleston, where IS the weird?

What I'm looking for in live music is a bit of insanity, some weird, some risk, some show... Here's my take on what's lacking in our own local music scene

The heat plus this summer's steamy releases might well leave you sweating it, but why not grab a glass of iced tea and cool off with some Southern euphemisms and a real-life romance novel blunder