bell bottoms

Music and fashion go hand in hand. From Elvis and the Rat Pack to Madonna and Gaga music is chockfull of artists doing their best to define trends and make their own signature fashions. Here are five of music’s most legendary fashion statements.

Not sure what to wear to the Gibbes Museum's annual winter party, where the theme this year is Magical Mystery Tour? Well, Cavortress can help!

What was back-to-school shopping like? All about maxis, minis, silk shirts, and swimming with gators... Plus! Some photographic gems I pulled from the Renae Brabham archives

You know that pair—they are worn-in just right, fit like a glove, make your butt look so good, and then... they die. Where do you go from there?

Over the years I've come to respect movie stars from the 1970s, not only because they were darn good actors, but because they were darn good dressers too...