'70s Street Cred


We're all familiar with Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp as the more notable movie stars who have gotten street cred in the fashion world. But what about the ones who paved the way for them? What about the stars of yesteryear? What about Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Steve McQueen; I could go on and on. Many in my generation don't have a clue about these people. 


A few years ago I caught the "classic movie" bug. I believe it started when I was looking through the TV guide on my Direct TV and a familiar title caught my attention. "The Sting". Back in middle school, I had a social studies teacher who always referenced a classic line from this movie. The film's antagonist would finish many of his statements with the question, "Ya folla?" And that's what my Social Studies teacher did. Every time he would explain something to us, he would always finish by asking "Ya folla?" The very first time he used it, he explained that it came from the movie and then he proceeded to go on and on about how great it was. Being that I was about 13 at the time and whole-heartily felt like TCM was a waste of space in our cable package, I paid him no mind.


Fast forward to my adulthood, I had a new appreciation for all things old, or should I say "vintage or classic". So I watched the movie and let me tell you, it was good. It was really good. And Robert Redford (the main character) instantly became one of my favorite actors. So then I started looking up more and more classic movies and I began to notice something: they were really really fashionable. Now granted, there are things that thankfully didn't make it out of that era, like platform shoes and bell bottoms. But a lot of the essential pieces we wear today, they wore it way back then. 


So this post is just me taking classic looks from a couple of my favorite classic men, and showing just how good they look in the present day.



1. Actor: Robert Redford. Movie: 3 Days of the Condor



Denim Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren (thrifted), VNeck Sweater~Sixteen Seventy, Tie~Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans~Levis (thrifted), Desert Boots~Aldo, Watch~Timex


2. Actor: Steve McQueen. Movie: Bullitt



Sweater~Hollister, Jeans~lands End Canvas, Blazer~Vintage Lord & Taylor made with Harris Tweed, Desert Boots~Clarks, Watch~Timex


 3. Actor: George Clooney. Movie: The Fantastic Mr. Fox



Ok so I know this movie just came out a few years ago, but its based off of a character who was created in 1970 so he passes as classic in my book. He is the epitome of chic simplicity. The short-sleeved oxford. The repp tie. The  impeccably fitting chinos that don't even need a belt. I mean, the guy's so smooth he doesn't have to wear shoes. I'm like, who does that? It brings to mind a quote from Michael Bastian who is a five-time nominee and winner of the 2011 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year award. He says that we should look to cartoons for fashion tips...


(I call it “cartoon dressing.” Remember when you watched cartoons and you were like “why don’t they ever change clothes?” It’s because they are perfect. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!) 

Dress Shirt~Express, Tie~Mervyn's Men Collection(thrifted), Chinos~JCrew