Beautiful Beaufort by the Sea

Joan Perry

We are fortunate in Charleston to have a number of day trip locations that are manageable drives and good lunch destinations. Summerville, Walterboro, McClellanville, Georgetown, and Beaufort all fit the bill. Yesterday, I drove down the coast to Beaufort and had a bowl of she-crab soup in a restaurant next to the waterfront park. There was a musical event going on, and besides the main stage there were clusters of musicians performing all over the park.

There was a minor disaster when we pulled up to the Chocolate Tree on the way out of town to discover they were out of pralines. I'll need to call the mayor about that on Monday. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, kids! I just got back from my first bowling experience. It was a Nun Fun Fundraiser raising funds for the Pauline Bookstore on King Street. I turned out to be a lousy bowler, but had a good time.

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