Art (and Shoes) with a BANGS

Ayoka Lucas

In all honesty, who doesn’t want to own something that’s called BANGS! It rolls right off the tongue and has a rockin’ ring to it! And founder Hannah Davis was on to something even greater when she came up with BANGS Shoes because the most rock-star thing about this is her slogan “Stand on Issues.” The way I look at it, there is not one person on the planet that can afford not to. It’s all about CHANGE!


This Saturday, Charleston will have the opportunity to get involved at the four-part creative and philanthropic collaborative event featuring a BANGS wearable art show presented by Redux Studios, Charleston Shop Curator and Gris Galerie. A number of local artist have donated time and inspired design each re-mixing a pair of canvas BANGS. So here is the glamorous part… ALL of the proceeds will go to charity! Who are the artists? This is a hot list:


Redux’s own Greg Hart and Mariah ChanningPatch Whisky • Stacey Bradley • Kristy Bishop • Sean Williams • Joseph Thompson Woodworks • Johnny Pundt • Michelle Jewell with Finklestein’s Center • Brooks Reitz • Marius Valdes • Sarah Stewart • JLINSNIDER • Dalia Dalili (StylePublic’s very own) and Camela Guevara of Gem Sounds • Allison Merrick of SpaceCraft Studios • taxidermist Becca Barnet • local print company famous for its image of Byron, Flooded Streets.


Don’t worry! You haven’t missed your opportunity to custom your own. Hannah will have a table set up just for you to exercise your artistic chops!

And if you love beats like we do… you will be happy to know that DJ R Dot and DJ Natty Heavy will be on the tables!


Without further adieu… this installment of 5 Grams is all about BANGS Shoes!



« Where are you from and what do you do?

I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. My job as the founder of BANGS Shoes is to raise awareness and funding for our nonprofit partners, the BANGS brand, and our common missions of sustainable development. Check out deets at



« What are your special powers?

BANGS will make you fly… just kidding, but seriously they breed inspiration and ooze style.



« Top 3 things people should know about the upcoming event?

1) Your mind is actually going to be blown by these customized BANGS shoes.

2) This event is where Charleston social enterprise meets art, music, and food.




« BANGS is such a relevant & rad term for this era (no relation to Miley Cyrus' Bangerz). How did you decide upon this name?

The look of BANGS Shoes was inspired by a utilitarian work shoe I discovered while teaching English in China. The brand name “BANGS” comes from the Chinese character for the word “help” which is spelled b-a-n-g.



« What is love?

Love is that everywhere tingle that even the most logical person can’t reason themself out of.



What: Art with a BANGS

When: Saturday, October 12, 2013; 4-9pm

Where: Redux Studios