Adesso Entertainment looks back while looking ahead

Marcus McDonald

By Marcus McDonald

“I couldn’t be here without my friends. I wouldn’t like have a place to lay my head some nights, but my friends held me down that’s how much they believed in me.”
Travis Scott, Complex Magazine 2012

These wise words from a 20-year-old Travis Scott spoke volumes to me. In an interview with Complex Magazine, he recalled how when others turned their backs on him, key family members and close friends stepped in. And it was in those low points that doors opened for him. In fact, one day, in particular, he was borderline homeless sleeping on a friend’s couch in LA when he got his first call from Kanye West.

Bouncing from house to house, Scott never gave up on his dream to make it in the music game. He credited friends in NYC and LA for buying him hotel rooms and letting him crash on their couches. Little did he know even as he mentioned hanging out with Kanye on a weekly basis that his career was about to take off. Those friends took him to high places, and, 6 years later, he’s one of the best-selling artists of 2019.

I’m not saying be nice to your friends and you’ll become Travis Scott. But his comments changed my perspective on what it means to become famous.

It’s a medley of people liking your work as well as liking who you are.

Sometimes, we forget the people who play important roles in our success. Hanging out with family and friends during the holidays can shift your mindset.

I’m cognizant of this while planning for Adesso Entertainment’s 2020 expansion.

On one end, graduation is becoming a distant memory while on the other a new decade looms brimming with opportunity and uncertainty. When we launched this past summer, friends and acquaintances reached out and their help made a difference in our success. 

We’re an intimate team of 5-6 working tirelessly with a solid support system from local establishments like CBD Social, Recovery Room, and O-ku. (Please visit these venues even when we're not promoting shows there.) And media outlets like Charleston Grit, 9-5 Magazine and Charleston City Paper help us get the word out and share our name with the masses.

Consider this a thank you to everyone who has helped along the way because without you Adesso would not be what it is today — an entertainment company booking weekly talent, managing artists, and producing quality events.

If I were the one being interviewed, my shoutouts would go something like this:

Seeing a young Jonathan Garcia with his own store (Selective Hype) lit a fire in me. He eased concerns I had about starting a business.

Boston at Recovery Room was one of the first to open his doors to our sometimes-rambunctious fans.

Speaking of fans, ours are amazing. AJ attends all our shows. I appreciate him so much for showing up and supporting everything we do.

Mika and everyone at O-ku welcome artists like Hrlum, Quinn Cicala and Noah Jones. They’re providing a key platform and location for them to perform on King Street.

Team members like Tyler and Porter help with day-to-day tasks. A lot of small things go into each event and they, along with others, ensure our success.

Talent like Semkari, Clayton James and Cubéo sustain us with exciting events that differ from others in Charleston.

Meghan at Beware of Dog Productions and Mason at Free Facility push me to be more innovative and creative. Nothing like friendly competition from leading event producers to make you work harder.

Last, Adesso wouldn’t be where it is without the business owners who allow us in their venues and sponsor our events.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of connections. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. Take your circle and nurture them because friends can be your best fans. Give support if you expect it. We rarely achieve dreams on our own. 

My goal for 2020 is to keep drawing from these inspirations while continuing to impact the Charleston music and performing arts scene. I’m bringing y’all with me. We’re excited to show off what’s in store for the future and hope you stick around for the ride. 

Happy Holidays and have a happy New Year!

Image credit top Marcus McDonald, Image credit above Kendal Corbin