Video Contest Entry: Tyler James Mechem

Where has Crowfield gone? For his part, singer Tyler James Mechem disappeared into the woods and emerged with this song and video. Spoiler alert: no Sasquatch was found


This entry into my Lowcountry video contest is from Tyler James Mechem, the former lead man for Crowfield. Since disbanding one of Charleston's most popular groups, he's been feeling his way through his newfound solo independence. The guy has been joining other artists (Dubious Battles), working on his pedal steel skills, and learning about fatherhood. 



Recently, he hid himself away in a cabin to write music. The resulting song is featured in this video. What I love about this video is that it took a left turn. Instead of simply being a bunch of images loosely based around the song—as most videos end up becoming—this one is part song video, part songwriting documentary, and part evidence of a mind veering dangerously close to Jack Nicholson announcing, "Heeeer'e's Johnny!"



Our first entry in this contest was Tyler Boone's video for "Home." Where Boone's was slickly produced and followed a lot of common video traits, Mechem's is quite the opposite. I love this because it does not give me all of the song, and makes me have to seek it out. This video also opens a window to a direct, unfiltered, view of the artist. To me, this kind of video builds a stronger relationship between the artist and the viewer.


What do you think?


The more thumbs up this gets from readers, the more we consider it in the end of the year "Best Of" award.