July 12, 2013


The Blog of the Week is... Charleston's Secret Word by Dr. John Abess


As a nod to Dr. Abess' clever call-out of our low-profile native word (meaning an "expected gift"), Grit editors thought it would be nice to offer you one. You're probably thinking of some vernacular line-up of palmetto roses or benne seeds or church steeples crafted out of sweetgrass—something dripping with Holy City surcee-ness.


But it's the end of the week. And that this is Grit. How about we instead serve up a line-up of unexpected... entertainment instead?


Roman Atwood's hilarious YouTube pranks seem about right for a summer Friday at 4 p.m.


Unexpected Veggies 



We suspect our own Claire O'Bryan is somewhere in that van. Oh, and make sure you watch at least until the broccoli makes the poor little girl cry...


Unexpected beach visitors...



Why doesn't this one get old? The girl who stands up on the trash can at the end is fantastic.


This one seems to be the most popular... Unexpected outbursts.



We'll let you Google the Shake Weight video on your own. If you've seen the informercial, then you probably know where that prank's headed...