Holy City Pickup Lines

Try out some of our pickup lines that will only (maybe) work in Charleston.

It’s last call on your first visit to Charleston. Even without your beer goggles, Charleston is looking pretty tasty. What’s your approach?


New York may have its own unique pickup lines, but with Charleston being the…well…friendliest city, here are some Holy City pickup lines to help out those poor lonely tourists.



Pickup lines that only work at Charleston


1.     You smell better than pluff mud when the tide is right.

2.     You’re hotter than those lawyers on “Reckless.”

3.     Come on over…I have off-street parking.

4.     Forget all this talk about bar curfews. I have beer on ice at home.

5.     I’m on that reality show, “Southern Charm.” Come on over and let’s get some cameras out.

6.     It’s all hot and steamy in here and it’s not just the Charleston summer.

7.     My place is close…I live on the right side of the Ravenal Bridge.

8.     Come on over. I’m pretty sure Bill Murray will photobomb us while we’re doing it.

9.     They may not serve the Big Nasty at Hominy Grill anymore, but we can still do the Big Nasty.

10.   I have Shovels and Rope…and I don’t just mean the band. (OK, maybe that one is a bit sinister, even for Charleston).


If none of these feel right for you, don’t worry about it. Experts say that your words count for only seven percent of your impression. The rest is tone of voice and body language. And if their body’s saying yes, you don’t need pickup lines anyway.