A Gritworthy Event

Jeopardy or Grit Party? Here's another recap of our party to celebrate writers that contribute to the site, from one of the writers who just can't say no to a good cocktail party.
I wish social mixers were easy for me, but they aren't, and even though I am so excited to meet with everyone, I’ll darn near talk myself out of it the day of. What pushes me over that hump is the fact that I love the Grit people. I love to read their blogs, and I want to get a feel for who they are in person. I would love to be the social butterfly who flitters up to each person drinking in the nectar before they move on to the next, but the reality is, I am most likely to spend the entire evening with the first person I meet in fascination. 

Wine helps with mixers, without it I am flypaper stuck inconspicuously in a corner wishing I had stayed home to watch Jeopardy. Fortunately there have been no dry Grit gatherings. This one was really kind of cool and cozy. Reclaimed Design Works was the perfect venue. There wasn't really any place to wander off so interaction was much easier. Laughter and small talk mixed with clinking of plastic. It even had a speakeasy feel to it, without the smoke.  


It was a nice couple of hours spent on a perfect Charleston evening downtown. When I left to head down the cobblestones of Atlantic, I blew out a flip flop. The barefoot walk was the perfect nightcap. Thanks to all of the Grit crew for putting the event together. 


There were so many of you that I wished I had introduced myself to but didn't, so I hope there are many more Grit parties! Maybe we can even have an east meets west-ish Grit event with Asheville Grit some day!!