Calling All Shutterbugs...

Introducing PhotoGrit, where you can get your 15 minutes of photography fame

Have the perfect picture of Wednesday night's pyrotechnics you’d like to share? What about a photo of last week’s storm, a roadside sign that boggles the mind, or that big-ass boat cruising into the City Marina? Whether the image is gorgeous, curious, an amazing capture, or just plain nuts—as long as it's local, we want it. Charleston Grit will soon feature a section called PhotoGrit, which will show a different Charleston image each day sent in by… well, you. So bloggers, professional shutterbugs, and iPhone paparazzi, send us your pics! Whether it’s quality or content that makes them awesome, they’re all invited.


To submit, click on the Share tab found at the top of the page. Just give us your name (so we can give you the props you deserve), and email address (you'll want a heads up your picture’s been posted!), along with the photo itself and a brief description of where and when it was taken. Also: if you're a pro and have a website (or an amateur with a blog) send that too. We'll link it up.


While you’re there, be sure to submit your YouTube videos to VideoGrit, too!


Check out our first official PhotoGrit photo (above)!

Photo credit: Misty Lister Johnson