August 2, 2013


The Blog of the Week is... Just Call Me the Jane Goodall of the Hipster Habitat by Nate AndersonYou either a) thought this blog was hilarious and shared it or b) scratched your beard, looked down at your hiking boots, and said, "Just who does this smart-mouthed meat-eating bastard think he is..."


Answer? Our newest Grit blogger. This is his first post, and we flipping loved it (even those of us reading it through thick-rimmed glasses...) Here's a taste:


"There's one hipster, I'll call.... Asher. Probably 5'9", maybe 135 lbs., clean cut haircut and a five-month beard. He has a white button-up that is at least two sizes too small, sleeves rolled up, and tail tucked into khaki pants his legs are screaming to get out of. They are rolled up to the knee. He has heavy wool socks on and what appear to be full ankle coverage hiking boots. In August. In Charleston, South Carolina. Elevation above sea level. 18 inches...."


Yeah, he'll introduce you to Asher, Harmoney, and the whole gang, included the Well-Funded Hipster. Welcome Nate!


Meantime, here's a video that, well... categorizing it as "necessary" might be going too far, but WHAT IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A HIPSTER IS? Then yes, Nate's blog and this video are thoroughly necessary. Happy hunting.