You're Making Me Blush...

I'm gonna tell you how to apply blush properly—that means keeping the 1980s, Dynasty, and Grandma's racing stripes out of our pinking repertoire

Ladies, nothing gives the skin more of an instant pick-me-up, the look of true rest, health or innocence, quite like a quick swipe of blush. The key is to achieve modern, soft rosy cheeks and not create the antiquated Grandma's racing stripes on the sides of your face look. Here's how:


1. Start with the right color. The hue of your blush should be the shade your skin would be after exercising or… maybe a little afternoon delight? ;) *There is a reason the number one blush in the world is named Orgasm (by Nars). If you are fair skinned, stick with a softer color in either pink or a soft peach. If you have darker tones, go with a richer shade of burgundy or deep apricot. The rule of thumb is  pink-ish on cool tones and more golden or peachy on warmer tones of skin.


2. Change up your shades. As an artist, I think that it's very important to have at least two shades of blush in your wardrobe: a lighter shade for day and a darker shade for night. 


3. Where to apply? LISTEN UP my little lasses, this is important. Get to your mirror and smile. Yes, smile. You want to apply your blush ONLY on the high apples of the cheeks that are noticeable when smiling. That's it. Just dab a dot on your high apples, sweep a little—and I do mean a LITTLE—on the forehead, and call it a day. Only blush the high apples of your cheeks. If you are having a problem with your blush getting in the hairline on the sides of your face, we may need an intervention, because that is very 1980s, my dear, and went out the door with shoulder pads and Dynasty.


4. Cream or powder: Cream and gel blushes are great for drier skin, while powder blushes are great for oilier to normal skin. Consider climates, too. You may have to mix it up as you leave the humid Lowcountry and head up north, for instance, where the air may be drier. 


5. How much to apply? The softer the brush, the less color you apply. 


6. Wash and repeat. Wash your brushes to ensure perfect application and keep them from just being…. well, disgusting. Use an antibacterial soap and lay your brush on the counter overnight to dry.


7. When in doubt? PINK it up baby!  Add a little pink to those apples and it will look like Cupid himself did your makeup. Pink always looks pretty!


Until next time, my loves.