You Know What They Say About Molly...

You Know What They Say About Molly...

What's all this talk about molly? Given that we share the same name, I feel the need to debrief

Growing up, I always felt like quite the badass sharing names with an American Girl doll. My friends who had her were jealous—I know they were. She and I both wore glasses? Boom. Even cooler.


These days, I share my name with a recreational toy of a... different sort. Keep the smile (but make it bigger). Lose the sweater. Add some sweat, dubstep, dancing, and you’re getting close.


Miley twerks to it. Kanye’s got a girl who’s “gone off” from it. My friends T.I. and Lil Wayne—they mention it pretty often, too.


Paradigm Malibu


Yes, these days I share my name with molly—the it drug for concerts and music festivals, or, as my generation almost strictly calls them—shows.


A few months ago a friend of mine who frequents shows asked, “Do you ever think people are talking to you when they’re asking for molly?”


… No. But then again I don’t see as much live music as I’d like to (or take the drug, just for the record).


And then today I got this text:



Given that the drug is named after me, let me spread the word.


Parents: If you don't know what molly is, here's the definition, courtesy of Urban Dictionary.


Abr. of 'molecular'.

Pure form of MDMA (ecstasy), usually a free powder or in capsules. Oftentimes MDA is sold as molly. Should be white in color (when it's pure) but is more often beige or yellow-brown, and sometimes brown or rarely gray.

Me and my girl chopped a 1/2 gram of molly into 4 lines last night and we each inhaled one. rolled balls for 5 hours straight. pure love and cuddles all the way.


People: If you do know what molly is and take it from time to time, take a quick browse over these headlines:


- Health Officials Caution Against Concert Drug "Molly" After Music Festival Deaths

- NYC music festival canceled after MDMA-related concerns, officials say

- NYC Concert Deaths Put Spotlight on New Drug "Molly" (Oh, and CBS, you might want to read this article from Time. Molly's not a new drug.)


But back to my mom: she's taking the news that my name's been tarnished pretty hard.