What to Wear on Valentine's Day? Dilemma Solved!

Julie Wheat


Whether you are single or attached, no doubt should you wear something that leaves a bit suggestively unexpected to the imagination. Or just play it safe with a festive approach.


Here's how:

1.  Something lacy and/or sheer. You can see through it, but you can't see everything! Besides, most sheer fabrics provide the element of light, airy movement that epitomizes femininity. And lace? Well, it is just plain old sexy.

2.  Something missing.  Example: This well tailored silk satin suit offers enough coverage for a lack of blouse, so why not? Who is going to know? 

3.  Something red, pink, white, and/or purple. Get festive. 'Tis the season!

4.  Lingerie as clothing. Pair a slip dress with a vest or blazer. Who says you can't? There is an art to dressing inside out. It is a bold move, but if you are going to try it, Valentine's Day is the day to do it.

5.  Something people want to touch. Whether it is your significant other, that guy/gal across the room, or your grocery bagger, chances are they can't deny the fact that they just want to touch that fur coat or velvet or leather dress!