What the Heck is Happening in Belgium?

John F. Abess

Parents know how difficult it is to have your children be seen and not heard. Well now—in Belgium, at least—it is possible to have them neither seen nor heard.


How, you ask? You can legally have your child killed. The concept is similar to putting down your pet. Now, thankfully, that successful concept has been extended to putting down your child, no matter their age.


The new law, passed last week, has been intensely opposed by Christian, Muslim, and Jewish organizations. However, possibly because children are not yet able to vote, the Social Democratic Party was successful at having their way. Finally, children will learn they had better listen to their parents. Children will realize, at last, they need to “hop to it” when given a parental directive. I expect that Belgian children will become the most well behaved children in the world. And we all know how pleasing it is to have a dog or child do exactly what their owners want.


The only caveat to this new law is that the child must agree to his or her own death. Given the worldly understanding of life and death that all children have, we can be certain the consequences of their decision will be understood and that they will always make the correct choice. Of course, good children want to please their parents and thus most good children will agree to dying for the cause of their parents happiness.  


Of course, this law is greeted for reasons other than improving child discipline. If parents forget to show up for their abortion appointment or simply change their mind about having children once the child is born, they no longer have to live with their mistake.  


Though it is generally recognized that abuse of a similar law for adults is alive and well in Belgium, for unknown reasons, it did not influence the decision to extend this activity to children of any age.


I have to assume that the new law was promulgated because the children of Belgium are really BAD. Most certainly the law was not influenced by factors such as economics, a desire to sanitize the realities of life, or the inconvenience of providing support, comfort and love to children.