What Freshman Think About The New Things At College Of Charleston

Kasey Baltz

As the first week of classes comes to an end, students reflect on the feel of College of Charleston’s campus. Students from all over the world come in and rush the campus streets once again. Familiar faces has now turned into new freshmen faces full of fear and confusion ready to tackle the unknown. 

There are some new things on campus this year. Sorority and fraternity shirts still scatter the campus but this year there is a different feel. Greek life used to be a huge component, but today the campus has evolved to have a more urban and less “Greek” feel.  The expulsion of several fraternities and the reduction of Greek members on campus has resulted in this shift. 

Another big change is that the President of College of Charleston, Glenn McConnell, who was installed in July 2014, retired. Elected in his place is President Stephen Osborne. One of Osborne's first objectives, he stated, is to be more environmentally sustainable on campus. The college is trying to reduce their carbon footprint to zero in the upcoming years. This is a great objective for the campus especially with the increasing environmental issues facing our state and nation.

Teachers, students, and faculty at the College of Charleston, we wish you luck! College can be stressful and draining but through it all, you learn life lessons and blossom into your true self. A new year means a new turning point for progress and revelations for these young adults. Enjoy every moment of it!