We've Fallen for Fall in the Holy City

Instant Grit

Sure, the Holy City's stunning year-round, but here at Grit, fall holds a special place in our hearts. As for why, it's hard to say. Maybe it's the extra firey glow the season's sunsets have on the marsh. Or perhaps it's those perfect temps, which call for long walks through Hampton Park, where Spanish moss, smiling florals, and lovely ironwork abound. Or maybe it's both, along with the onset of oyster roasts and the brilliant blue sky no other season can trump. 


Regardless, we think it's fair to say that Charleston has a picture-perfect fall, and have more than a dozen Insta pics to prove it...


Wonders Way, Ravenel Bridge


Hampton Park


Bennett Street


Rewined Warehouse, Meeting Street


Middleton Place


Goat Island



Broad Street


King Street 


Charleston Farmers Market


Legare Street


State Street


Hampton Park



Hampton Park 


Waterfront Park