Well-Dressed Wanderlust

Ayoka Lucas

Chelsie Ravenell has no anchor. You can’t hold him to one role. Model? Sometimes. Bartender? Here and there. Father? Always. Designer? Well, you do the math here.


Because there is no time, even on the b-ball court, that he is not dressed to the nines.


Hence his 2011 Charleston’s Most Stylish honor in Charleston magazine and his selection to show as an Emerging Designer during Charleston Fashion Week in 2010. He is often spotted carrying a briefcase with what is rumored to be ties, t-shirts, and order forms. His label is called Kenneth Beatrice and he refers to his clientele as ‘KB Killas.’


Said briefcase travels the globe with him as he explores his wanderlust between Germany, Milan and London (coincidentally the name of his son). I think it’s safe to say he is one to watch.



He is definitely on the radar for his fashion hustle.  If anything… he is giving the food & bev boys in this city a style upgrade that I personally can attest is much appreciated!

Photos: Chelsie’s KB style moments in Germany, Milan and London!


From Charleston with love!


Public Listing: https://www.facebook.com/KBinspired/about