Welcome to West Egg...

Donovan Snype


Last Friday, The American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) transformed the Old Charleston City Jail into Gatsby's West Egg. (Note: I snapped a LOT of photos, so I split them up between the above gallery and embedded here, scrolling down...)



This 1920s fundraiser to benefit the ACBA was replete with flappers, barbershop quartets, and bootleggers galore.



The color for this chilly night was a warm and passionate red, appropriate for the spirit of the night.



Tom Crawford, dressed in a classic white tuxedo, served as the auctioneer lending his classic talents. The hot sell of the night was a guitar owned by the rolling stones.



As the night progressed, all the revelers, including the cops, made their way to the speakeasies making sure not to leave any of the free booze behind. From there, it was off to the dance floor. No authentic ‘20s party would be complete without someone doing The Charleston and there were no shortages on dancers. 



And for more party pics, check out the gallery above at the top of this blog.  For more information on the American College of the Building Arts, go here.