VIDEO: Shepic Fail - Episode 3 | Breaking the Ice

Shep Rose


Shep and Hunter like to try new things. Sometimes, they excel. Other times, they fail...epically. This week, Rob Concannon, president of the South Carolina Stingrays, lets the guys loose on the rink. Will they find themselves on thin ice or skate to victory? Watch to find out.


What Shep Learned:

I'm going to be semiserious on this one. Walking onto a nice rink is something that is very surreal and beautiful. What a distinct pleasure it must be to make a living on the ice. Having said that, I almost died that day. There's something about trying to just not fall on your face (Hi, Hunter) and exerting physical energy that is absolutely soul crushing. This was a great and hilarious experience that I'm not really looking forward to doing again.


What Hunter Learned:

Bottom line, I’m just not an athlete. I was a part of a championship church basketball team in 2006, and at this point, I’m pretty comfortable with that being my athletic peak. Still, I thought I was prepared for this: I’ve ice-skated before. I played two years of (JV) lacrosse. bought a freaking jockstrap, ya’ll.


Although I was well equipped, jockstrap and all, two things I did not have were a mouth guard and a sense of balance.


When Rob put his hands up to mine to help me skate backwards, he said, “This is what we do for the kids who can’t do this.” And then I got four stitches.