VIDEO: Shepic Fail - Episode 1 | Runway To Fashion Week

Shep Rose

Shep and Hunter like to try new things. Sometimes, they excel. Other times, they fail...epically. This week, Charleston Fashion Week's model coach Michelle Wood trys to teach Shep and Hunter the rules of the runway. 



What Shep Learned: 

I learned that the fashion world is one that I'm not likely to explore further. I learned that I am a simple man who yearns for function over form. I also learned that Hunter's sense of style is even more lamentable and inadequate than mine. And finally, I learned that I'd make an awfully clumsy woman.



What Hunter Learned:

Bottom line: I can work it, and now there is video evidence. This, of course, is based on a very loose interpretation of the phrase “working it”—I mean, I can get a woman to swing dance after I’ve had three beers, but that’s because I have about four moves, which on average takes whichever lucky lady approximately two songs before she gets bored.


Like I said, I can work it.


I grew up in what can only be described as a cloud of estrogen—my mom, my aunt, and my older sister. I am no stranger to the feminine. But I had no idea how seemingly comfortable I would be in those high heels. And again, this is based on a very loose definition of the word “comfortable.”


Michelle Wood was a real pro, and I was super flattered that she would hang with us for the afternoon. Oh, and I still wear those same jeans. I did donate the shoes to charity—but only because the toe busted on one of them. I loved those shoes.