Video Contest Entry: Stop Light Observations

Murder, weed, guns—they're the main themes of MIA's 2007 hit "Paper Planes" and Stop Light Obervation's Grit video submission, which is a ballsy cover of the song live at the Music Farm. Video here

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When I asked for submissions to this contest, I definitely had these guys in mind. A rising modern rock band with a big sound and big vision. Their videos for early demos showed a strong understanding of the relationship between sight and sound. I thought they were on to something, but I had no idea they'd get popular enough to sell out the Music Farm twice and get a slot at Bonnaroo


So I was surprised when a friend of theirs submitted this video of them performing "Paper Planes" by rap/electronica artist M.I.A. with the chorus:

All I want to do is (gun sounds BANG BANG BANG)
And (Cash register KKKKAAAA CHING)
And take your money

It's a song about murder, weed, and guns. Not what you'd exect from some College of Charleston guys. 

The video is their eight-minute live version of the song, complete with an extended rap in the middle by keyboardist and primary songwriter John-Keith Culbreath, detailing the story of the band. He finishes with a change to the chorus, "All I want to do is smoke a blunt and take your money," to the appreciation of the packed room.

Like everything I've seen from these guys, this video is big, it's ballsy, and it's confident. Question is: would this video help this band "take your money?"


Let me know in the comment section. And don't forget to check out the other submissions so far: Tyler Boone and Tyler MechemTo vote for SLO, give this post a thumbs up down below.