Trevor Hall at The Music Farm 10/5!

Zach Bjur

The music of Trevor Hall has always occupied an almost paradoxical landscape - his songs feel both spacious and intimate, both sorrowful and joyful at once - there is a constant interplay of light and dark. An air of mysticism and romanticism pervades his music, a plea for a return to the natural world and the world within ourselves. His songs are a reminder that these are both the simplest and most beautiful places in our lives, and immediately accessible to most.  

Trevor Hall's latest effort, The Fruitful Darkness: Part I, finds Hall embracing his sound more fully than ever before. With the largest music Kickstarter campaign of 2017, Trevor Hall has set out on his own to independently produce The Fruitful Darkness. The massive amount of money raised via grassroots support is a clear testament to the impact that Hall's music has had on his fans, and what has debuted so far promises not to disappoint. The three songs released on Part I set a powerful foundation for the following parts to build upon.



The album opens with the indistinguishable voice of a child as Hall reflects on life’s mountainous ups and downs. The struggle is universal, no man woman or child escapes its grasp. It is a struggle, hardship, pain that makes you who you are. Darkness can define your character. As Hall's chant of "I had to find my way through" builds, he welcomes you into the fruitful darkness alongside him. The expansive soundscape and the mantra-like chanting create a spiritual space that promises restoration and growth and then the song effortlessly blends into the second track.



"My Heart, Your Heart" is a simple song really - it’s a story of two people meeting and falling in love - but Trevor Hall’s songwriting and song composition combine and give a simple story the appropriate gravitas. When you’re struck with love, the mundane becomes brilliant, the simple coincidence a divine intervention. Hall is able to bring that transformative spark into the song’s architecture and creates a living testament to the rush of falling in love.

The third and final track of Part I is also The Fruitful Darkness’s strongest. “What I Know” is a celebration of the release, it speaks to the joys of freedom and the pleasure of just being present. It is upbeat and rhythmic with a chorus that vaguely invokes call and response techniques from traditional African music. The lyrics are also firmly rooted in paradox - “What I know/ Is that I don’t know/ What I say/ Is that I don’t say.” These four lines draw from Socratic wisdom, Buddhism, and Stoicism, distilling dense philosophies into fun and immensely singable lyrics - this is a song you’ll want to turn up loud.


However, if you’re blowing your speakers out and it’s still not enough, don’t fret - Trevor Hall will be in Charleston on Oct. 5th, in support of The Fruitful Darkness. He’ll be playing at The Music Farm. Doors are at 6:00 pm and the show starts at 7:00. All ages welcome, $22 at the door.


***All imagery used is by Emory Hall***