Those Duke Boys

Instant Grit

Those Duke Boys are at it again, well, at least one of them is. A bridge that spanned a railroad track collapsed yesterday, causing the train beneath it to derail. The section of Cypress Gardens Road in Moncks Corner that collapsed was about 20 feet wide, and about 20-25 feet above the tracks below. Bill Salisbury, the Chief of the Berkeley County Rescue Squad, said a pickup truck approached the collapsed section of road and instead of slowing down or slamming on brakes, accelerated and jumped the gap.


Boss Hog said the man, we can only hope is named Bo or Luke, cleared the jump with minimal damage to his truck, and no injury. However, unlike a true Hazzard jump, the truck ran into a ditch shortly after landing on the other side. We give you props, unknown man in a pickup truck, for slamming down the gas pedal instead of the brakes when you saw that the road was out. Full story here.

For what really happened, watch the video below.