Take a Peek at Troubadour's Spring Collection Celebration

Muted neons and beach-inspired prints made spring come early at designer Lindsey Carter's chic backyard fete. Read on for a look, plus a promo code to score 15% OFF the Troubadour spring collection!

Let me preface this post by saying what an amazing time the photos below represent. One of the coolest things about living in Charleston is our supremely supportive community of creative, beautiful (on the inside and out), hardworking women. Women who are always eager to toast one another, as we did last Friday in honor of our own, Lindsey Carter.


At the strike of noon on an ordinary Friday in March, 16 gorgeous gals gathered in Lindsey Carter's Charleston home's courtyard to celebrate her new Troubadour Spring 2013 Collection. All had eagerly awaited the day because 1) when a Leapfrog invitation arrives in your mailbox you don't want to miss the event and 2) it was the first opportunity to see the whole new Troubadour collection in person.


Many of the women were dressed in Troubadour pieces. What really struck me as awesome was that it seemed as if each piece was made for the woman wearing it. So many different women with different personal styles rocking out a collection. It was seriously SO fun to see how everyone styled the pieces. And just so that you can see too, I'm going to photo bomb you all right abouuuuut now.



I know. Holy picture overload, Chassity. And I even narrowed them down, y'all! Troubadour's spring collection is simply amazing. Quality, comfort, gorgeous. And to think, it all started from this inspiration of Lindsey's...


And in her words, "The feeling of being on the beach, the waves on your toes, the colors you encounter (shades of blues, sea salt, neutral dune colors), washed-out bathing suit neons, and the prints were inspired by the shapes formed in the dunes and on the beach." 


Mission accomplished, Lindsey. And if I may tell you, I think my pink skirt (as well as that Cabana dress) are the perfect muted neon pink. Ever.


Lindsey's generously offering you all a 15% discount on the Troubadour Spring Collection. Pieces are still coming in, and all styles will be available after March 15th! You can order now using the code "Spring."


Big, giant thank you to Leapfrog and Lindsey for hosting the beautiful luncheon. A memorable time was truly had by all. 


Let's not forget to thank the amazing photographer, Charlotte Elizabeth. Love them so much, Char!