Hottest Halloween costume ideas for 2018!

Straws are a non-recyclable plastic and they're filling up our landfills and oceans. Take the pledge to go strawless this summer.

Pokemon or Batman, don't we all just want a little summer fun.

Backstage beauty at Charleston Fashion Week, courtesy of Bailey Bial.

We used Pantone's Color of the Year to inspire a get-ready-for-summer cocktail party—here are our five picks for pulling it together

Amidst the driving rain, this one got right to the heart of our creative spirits. Add in the brilliant poem by local 8th grader Nina Howard, and receiving this post was simply an honor...

I long for school to be more hurricane-like, for the atmospheric conditions of public education to be ripe for downpours of creativity (like this swirling poem from an 8th grader at Moultrie Middle)

The Sully's Island bar is having a burger contest today—for $10, you get three sliders and a say in the newest menu addition. See the choices here...