Shatterdog's Fisticuffmanship CD Release

Hunter Boone


Shatterdog talks the formation of their band and perform at Awendaw Green.


Unlike most bands that hone their act for months or years before laying down a record, Shatterdog was actually borne out of a recording session.


Singer/guitarist George Stevens first set out to create a solo project but as many good things start in life, opportunity knocked when he met Dan Crawford (guitar/vocals), Brent Caldwell (drums), & McGregor Jordan (bass/vocals).


Local singer songwriter Becca Bessinger, of Sattelite Rodeo, introduced me to Dan. Dan shared my music with Brent and McGregor, and we arranged a jam session. This was just before I started the recording process. So that's when I got the idea to ask them to play on it. I was initially going to do it all on my own.


Brief synopsis of the band pulled off of their Facebook page.


Shatterdog is a four piece Americana/folk rock/what have you outfit out of Charleston, SC. The band is comprised of George Stevens, Dan Crawford, McGregor Jordan and Brent Caldwell. Their debut album "Fisticuffsmanship", released in May of 2012, swirls elements of knowing Americana, indie rock and folk, tackling heady lyrical subjects ranging from surrealist computer repair, doomsday prophecies, LOUD NOISES, and girls who dun wronged us. Recorded at Sound Factory Studios in West Ashley. Zack Bodtorf (Fireworks Show, Danielle Howle) and Becca Bessinger (Satellite Rodeo) lent their talents to the effort.

Now I love me some America. Ryan Adams especially, which is good because Shatterdog often covers Adams' "To Be Young."


The first track off of Shatterdog's Fisticuffmanship, "Archery," is what really got me hooked. I remember heading down to the studio last year with George to listen in and they were just laying down the beginnings of that track. The harmonies and harmonica remind you of a traditional Americana sound. It's upbeat and it was the perfect fit for the first track on the album.



"Thunders of the Morning" is another favorite of mine. I love the lone acoustic in the beginning and how the rest of the song just crescendos and grows. The song just fits in itself. 



The band is set for an official release of their album on the 29th of this month at The Tin RoofIt really is something when you get to watch a band over the course of a year form together and finally see a physical record. Plus, I'm kinda the unofficial groupie for pretty much every one of their shows.


Links below to the release of the event and their album on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify.



Tin Roof CD Release: Shatterdog CD Release @ Tin Roof West Ashley

iTunes: Shatterdog - Fisticuffmanship

Amazon: Shatterdog - Fisticuffmanship

SpotifyShatterdog – Fisticuffsmanship