Shannon Wood Pop-Art Show at Indaco

Helen Mitternight



If you’re moved by the infinite variety of Charleston’s landscapes, check out the pop-up art show at Indaco next week when Charleston Artist Collective’s Shannon Wood will be showing several of her pieces on the restaurant patio.


“I grew up boating and being by the water, so naturally I gravitated toward nature and landscapes, specifically marsh landscapes,” the Mt. Pleasant artist says. “But instead of trying to paint them how they look, I want to paint how it feels to be in that environment, to be outside and actually submerged in it.”

Many of the paintings include paint dripping down the canvases, which Wood explains evokes more of a watery feel. She sews marsh reeds into the canvas.

“I’m really trying to go after the feeling of being in the landscape rather than just painting a pretty picture of the landscape,” she says.

Wood started her career in graphic design after graduating from the University of Georgia, and she credits her time with graphic designer Gil Shuler, the brains behind many of the city’s most popular logos, with teaching her the importance of composition, a lesson she brought to her art.

Wood’s pop-up art show is free and Indaco is providing complimentary bites and drink specials. The show is February 1 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.