SEWE Weekend Rundown

Jeanne Everett


SEWE 2018 is back and ready with a loaded schedule this weekend.

Here are various activities we love! These events run today and tomorrow, Saturday Feburary 17th.


• Retriever Demonstrations
o Story: Able handlers and dogs of various breeds are ages put on demonstrations of retrieving skills
o Details: Brittlebank Park, February 16, 1pm, 4:30pm, February 17, 1pm, 4:30pm, February 18, 11am,
3pm. Available for interviews: Bill Crites and Tom McKenzie from the Boykin Spaniel Society.

• NEW: Sheep and Duck Herding Demonstrations
o Story: New this year, join Windy Knolls Farm owner and master trainer, Bill Coburn, as he showcases
the fascinating world of herding instinctive to the Border Collie breed. Watch his collies artfully muster
sheep and ducks through various obstacles with only a whistle and a few commands.
o Details: Brittlebank Park, February 16, 11am, 3pm, February 17, 11am, 3pm, February 18, 1pm.


NEW: Longleaf Pine Preservation
o Story: Grab a cocktail and join Garden & Gun for a lively conversation about land and wildlife
management with featured panelist, Bill Palmer, President and CEO of Tall Timbers and G&G
contributor T. Edward Nickens. These experts will discuss the value of and need for land preservation
in an engaging environment. $20 per person.
o Details: Garden & Gun Headquarters, February 17, 2-4pm


• NEW: Master Class with the Seerey-Lesters
o Story: A rare opportunity to join John and Suzie Seerey-Lester in Charleston for a 2-day class. Limited
to only 20 students, John will cover composition, use of light, values, perspective and more while
Suzie will teach the business aspects of art, from photography to copyright law. Tickets $500 per

• Combing the Caw Caw Wilderness Tour
o Story: Join a naturalist to observe eagles, wild turkeys, otters and waterfowl in their natural habitat.
Explore a cypress/tupelo swamp, freshwater and saltwater marshes, bottomland hardwood forest and
o Details: Tickets are $35 per person, ages 12 and up. Available at (under
program & activities) or call 843.795.4386. (Select course # 55176). Event located at Caw Caw
Interpretive Center on February 17, 1:30 - 3:30pm.


NEW: The Future of Oyster Aquaculture
o Story: Garden & Gun editor in chief David DiBenedetto discusses the future of oysters along the
Eastern Seaboard with Ryan Croxton, co-owner of Rappahannock Oyster Co., and Cyrus Buffum,
founder of Seaborn Oyster Co. Conservation. Event includes sampling of oysters and bourbon
cocktails. $20 per person.
o Details: Garden & Gun Headquarters, February 18, 2-4pm