September 13, 2013

Instant Grit

No Blog of the Week this week, more like several. Instead, we've got a Very Charleston To-Do List, meaning... here's what you'd be doing this weekend if you used Grit blogs as your guidebook. (Nothing wrong with that...)


1. You'd fix a real breakfast. Like the Breakfast Lasagna Mellissa gave us this week...


Mellissa Sevigny


or her Eggs in a Cloud...


Mellissa Sevigny


or these Lowcountry Breakfast Shrimp from Epicurious. 




2. Speaking of food, you'd go ahead and buy your tickets for Party for the Parks, September 21 at Colonial Lake. On the fence? Sounds like a case of Charleston Complacency Syndrome: a condition that strikes those who've lived here a few years. Symptoms include brushing off the really sublime aspects of the city (Spoleto, food, parties) simply because you've been peppered with them for so long. Ho-hum, soooo, you sit on the couch, perhaps watching soon-to-be-cancelled redneck reality shows while outside, scenes are unfolding that will later be documented as Charleston's Heyday. Imagine brass bands boogeying down the streets, performers on stilts, the mayor throwing money. You know, a heyday. But it's cool. We're sure whatever's on TV is good too.


3. You'll roll around with your dog—go ahead, he/she won't bite. (Well, they might, but if that's the case, you just need a different dog.) Because like Holly Herrick reminded us in her blog, Rocky the Wonder Pet won't be around forever. Horseplay while you can. Have a cat instead? Hmmm... that one's tricky. I guess the equivalent would be to playing would be to make time to sit around and let him/her judge you. Silently and callously, while you fidget uncomfortably and try to win his/her approval, which you won't get. But that's what makes that cat happy, and he/she won't be around forever to act like an asshole while making you feel like an asshole. Enjoy it while you can.


4. You'll test your spelling. Not in front of a bar full of smartasses, like what happened Thursday night at the Alley, but all by your lonesome. Go ahead, smartie. See how good you are right here by listening to the words and typing out the correct spelling. Or take an easier route and go multiple choice here.


5. You'll fight the power. Or just watch this video of Flavor Flav owning the stage in Charleston, circa 2010. This is before he kills it at Skinful this October.