Sea Monster Ashore on Folly?

With the weather warming up, beach goers flocked to Folly this past weekend. Aaand so did this guy...


Folly’s no stranger to strange characters, but I don’t think anyone was ready to meet this guy. Upon first look, you may assume this large… creature… that washed ashore on Folly Beach is some sort of sea monster, with its scales, plates, gargantuan shape, and what not. But alas, veterinarians from the South Carolina Aquarium have identified the thing as an Atlantic sturgeon—a fish that’s been swimming about for more than 100 million years.


Sturgeons (like this one, apparently) can grow to reach an intimidating 15-feet long and can weigh up to 800 pounds. As the fish is usually a blueish-black or olive-brown hue, vets believe what we’re looking at may be the underside of the sea swimmer, or a sturgeon that’s been deceased for quite a while. 


... So who wants to go for a swim?!?


Photo credit: Live 5 News/Facebook