From Runway to King Street: Hair Edition

Bailey Desiree Bial

I just got back from New York, and even though it was zero degrees, it was still the best time of the year because…New York Fashion Week 2015! I got to see my first New York Fashion Week runway show (front row at Carolina Herrera!) and lots of other great style moments during my visit. The fall collections were incredibly beautiful—a lot of intricate beadwork, luxe fabrics, unique patterns, texture—pure eye candy! 

For hair, the designers primarily kept the styles very simple so as not to distract from their garments. Also, trends in hair are moving away from an over-worked, over-styled, over-the-top look; rather, a natural, effortless, simple look is preferred. 
BUT, you don't have to be a model on the NY runway to pull these styles off. 
So, let’s take a look at the runway hairstyles and apply it to our daily Charleston look. (And try these styles when you attend Charleston Fashion Week®!) 
Low-Volume Bed Head
This is a great look for every day, weekdays, or weekend casual, but what’s cool about this hair is that it’s paired with this embellished evening/fancy look. 
How to achieve: Start with a center part. Smooth down the top with a brush so there is minimal volume. Using a flat iron, give a bevel to your hair (starting mid-strand and leaving ends out), resulting in a very loose wave and the perfect messy texture.
Here’s our very own King Street version of New York Fashion Week runway hair: (Love!)

Rolled Updo
This is such a beautiful style, easy to wear to a formal event or paired with a more conservative button up and sweater (as shown here). Either way, gorgeous! 
How to achieve: Part your hair wherever you desire. Take one side and begin twisting back (start to twist about eyebrow height). Insert a few hair pins to secure. Do the same on the other side. Join the two sections and twist together, creating a twisted bun. Secure with a few bobby pins, and voila! Easy and chic. 
Here’s our very own Charleston version:



Pulled-Back Low Ponytail with Ribbon
How fun and pretty are these shiny ribbons?
How to achieve: Simply pull your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Go to your local craft store (Artist & Craftsman's opening coming soon!) and pick out any ribbon, twine, or material around this size—get creative! Wrap the ribbon around your pony and down about an inch (you can go down lower if your hair is longer). So cool. 
Check out our Charleston/King Street version below:



Hair Tucked into Turtleneck
Obsessed with this cozy chic look! We are headed into spring, but try this look on the few cold days we have left. 
How to achieve: (Sooo easy!) Wherever your hair naturally parts, wear it down. You can do this with straight hair, messy hair, curled hair, whatever you want. Pick out your fave turtleneck, and slide it over your head. Give your head a bend to the left, then to the right, letting your hair come out just a bit—you don’t want it to be too tight. 
Here's our real-life version of the runway look:

Can’t wait to see you guys trying these styles for yourself!