Ruby the Rabbitfoot, Of Montreal come to the Pour House 9/03

Zach Bjur



A heavy dose of Athens psychedelic pop is coming to the Pour House this Saturday, September 3rd, the always enigmatic Of Montreal headlines with fellow Athenian Ruby the Rabbitfoot opening. Of Montreal is an obvious must see but make sure to get there in time to catch Ruby the Rabbitfoot work her magic. Her name alone conjures up whimsical images of glimmering jewels and swift, lighthearted movement, which pretty much sums up her sound.



Ruby is touring in support of her new album Divorce Party that dropped this August. While the album title may make you imagine bottles of red wine, uncontrollable weeping, and a pile of tissues, Divorce Party is anything but a sob fest. The album certainly touches on themes of heartbreak and lost love, but it does so over sparkling synths and upbeat percussion which gives an overall feeling of celebration. Even a song titled “I Hate You” is sung over a bright and twinkling track. At the end of the day, the only person it’s bringing down is the guy she wrote it about.





Divorce Party is an album that seems to be about the joys of a new start after a broken relationship, more than the broken relationship itself. The album opens with its first single “Beach Flowers.” Ruby’s airy voice floats over thumping bass singing “I’m not afraid of being torn to shreds, no I get up and I do again” as the song advances and retreats like waves crashing on the shore. Ruby’s resilience does rest from time to time—“Wish” and the album’s closer “Second Wind” are both slower, more introspective tracks that you would expect from a heartbreak album. But Divorce Party shines brightest on tracks like “Faucet Love” and “Nicola La” that are fun, slightly irreverent, and danceable, all the while maintaining a sense of poignancy. “Ancil” is the standout track of the album—smooth sexy saxophone blends beautifully with Ruby’s voice and bouncy synths to create a great head bobbing groove that exemplifies Ruby’s ability as a musician.



When Ruby hits Charleston on Saturday you can look forward to a lot of Divorce Party jams, but if you’re new to her music definitely take some time to listen to her some of her older work. Her catalog has a surprising amount of depth for an artist relatively new to the music scene. Her 2014 release New as Dew has more of an acoustic bent but is just as satisfying as Divorce Party’s quirky pop. “Ways,” “Killers,” and “As Bad as I am” are personal favorites from New as Dew.


When comparing the two albums you’re left with a snapshot of Ruby’s artistic development over the past two years. It is rare that an artist can move so deftly between styles while maintaining integrity and quality but Ruby does it well. Both albums are uniquely Ruby and incredibly listenable, each in their own way.



Ruby the Rabbitfoot and Of Montreal will be a show that you won’t want to miss, especially in an intimate setting like the Pour House. Get there early Saturday and plan to stay late! Doors are at 8:00, show starts at 9:00, $18 at the door. Don’t miss this show!