The River and The Stones

Becky Millard



So it’s time; “piss or get off the pot” time.



There have been several of these junctures in my life, and in everyone’s life they present themselves on a fairly regular basis. The fascinating part to me is why certain people make pro-active decisions and others let decisions be made for them by doing nothing. And are the outcomes significantly different?


I liken this process to someone crossing a river on stepping stones, except the stones don’t appear until they’re needed. By “needed” I mean, the person has lifted their foot to move forward but without a stone at which to aim, is uncertain of where their foot will land. Others might describe this as an act of faith; faith in one’s self or faith in something greater than themselves.


The bottom line is, if we are afraid to take a step, the next stone will never appear and we will never get across the river. However, if we move forward the stone appears in the nick of time or maybe two stones appear, or three? Now which way to go? It is here at which another decision must be made before the opportunities disappear beneath the water again? If the goal is to get across the river, does it matter which of the stones we choose as long as we choose one? I don’t think it does.


But, if again we are frozen with indecision, we will continue to stand on the same stone—the farthest point we reached while crossing the river, just before we decided we could go no further because there were no more stones in sight.



Action is the answer. Action will take us somewhere even if at the moment we don’t know how. Faith in action produces results, results foster more faith in action and so on.


So I’m taking a step before I see the next stone. There are things to do on the other side of the river.