RECIPE: Perfectly fried tempura

National Tempura day calls for expert frying tips and Chef Takebata has them.

By Chef Junior Takebata

It’s hard to beat the crispy, crunchy bite of tempura. In honor of National Tempura Day on January 7, I wanted to share some tips of the trade for the tempura I serve fried to perfection at Hachiya Kyoto Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.

  • Consistency is everything! While the batter is only made with three ingredients: flour, egg and water, it should be thin and runny for a lighter coat of breading than traditional fried items.
  • Cold water! Water used in batter should be icy cold for tempura to come out crisp.
  • Dredge before you batter! I suggest dredging the ingredients in a dusting of flour before dipping into batter.
  • Oil temperature is key! Tempura is ideally fried in 160-180° degree Celsius/320-356° degree Fahrenheit.
  • Get saucy! The sauce is one of the best parts of tempura. Here's my recipe:

                                       BOIL TOGETHER:

                                    20 oz. water

                                    6 oz. soy sauce

                                    4 oz. sugar

                                    1 oz. dashi

                                    1 pc. ginger

Enjoy! Or get your tempura fix at Hachiya Kyoto, 688 Citadel Haven Dr. Charleston, SC 29414. Operating hours, early bird times and online ordering are available on our website. Reservations can be made up to an hour in advance by calling (843) 571-6025.