Rain, Rain, Go Away


["There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."]

—Sir Rannulph Fiennes


Lately we've been getting hammered with the rain. It kind of sucks, actually, because this is the time of year that's perfect for outdoor activities. But it's also the time when the most pop-up showers occur. Being a maniac for random information, I looked up the historic averages for this area and, sure enough, June, July, and August typically get the most inches of rain. So what better time to give you guys a rundown of how to beat the rain in style?


1. Light Rain.


Whenever there's a light drizzle or water on the ground from a downpour earlier in the day, I reach for a pair of boat shoes. While they may be offered in dozens of colors, I suggest getting a pair in classic brown leather and throwing them on when the conditions call for it. Yes, they're waterproof, but just remember, even though their slogan is "Get Wet," I wouldn't advise wearing these in a downpour since you will be (or at least you should be) wearing these without socks. (Don't worry, I've got you covered for monsoon weather further down.)




Madras Plaid Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Jacket~Sperry Top-Sider, Boat Shoes~Sperry Top-Sider, Umbrella~Sperry Top-Sider, Watch~Timex, Belt~Dockers (thrifted)


2. Heavier than Light, Lighter than a Monsoon.


When it starts to get to what I call Level 2 rain, I go for my beeswax leather desert boots. These things can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. The leather is indestructible and you actually want them to get scuffed—they look better that way. A major plus is that you can pull these off with more dressed-up looks, great for when you're walking out the door to head to the office and realize it's raining cats and dogs outside. 



In Level 2 rain, dress shoes just won't cut it. So what do you do? Most people would just grab an umbrella and go on their merry way. But what would I do? I would never wear nice leather dress shoes in the rain. They're more delicate and require a little more care. So, along with grabbing my umbrella, I would change into desert boots and throw my dress shoes in a bag to change into when I got to the office. Or perhaps an even better idea is to just always keep a pair under your desk. That way, your supple leather stays pristine and you don't have to go around wearing Wellingtons with your nice suit.



Spread Collar Dress Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Trousers~Express, Blazer~Max's, Desert Boots~Clarks, Loafers (from earlier)~Bass, Tie~Jack Krawcheck (thrifted), Tie Bar~Meeting Street, Duffel Bag~Cutter & Buck, Umbrella~Sperry Top-Sider


3. Monsoon.


When there's extremely heavy rain, this is how I picture it: I imagine some little flying elf who happens to live in the clouds. And once they're filled with water he extracts from his back pocket the largest knife that could ever be imagined. One that was so grand, so shiny, and so sharp that it would make O.J. Simpson jealous... (sorry, but that's funny). And the elf just slices the clouds open one by one and millions of gallons of water come falling down all at once. Your best bet is to take cover. But if you must go out, you have only one respectable choice. Bean Boots. Leon Leonwood Bean has been making the same exact boots since 1912. Originally made for hunters because of their lightweight and epic-like durability, they've also become quite popular among the preps. They come in sizes ranging from ankle-height to a full 12 inches. I opted for the 10-inch version and it was love at first wear. Primarily I wear them in the winter as they can get pretty warm. But on those days when the flying elf goes to slicing and dicing, I have no choice.




Gingham Shirt~Polo Ralph Lauren, Denim Jacket~Levis, Jeans~Lands End Canvas, Bean Boots~LL Bean, Watch~Timex, Umbrella~Sperry Top-Sider